Thursday, 15 April 2010

Gone with the wind

Back behind the Mapperton till, I manage to overcharge someone for two teenagers. Granny challenges me with a glare and I instantly apologise and appeal for sympathy by claiming it's my first day. She smiles, pats me on the arm and then I immediately feel guilty for telling fibs.

It is overcast with a chilly wind. It is also very noisy. The oil tanker is making a delivery and the lorry engine is running right outside my shop. The handyman is mowing the lawn with a great big machine. With his woolly hat and ear defenders, he looks like a Russian tank operator.

The phoenix jungle fowl mutter, the cockerel shrieks and an Indian runner duck rushes by like a tall person late for a train. The bantams yell in unison when a large and breathless dog tries to break free from its lead and then an old man with a trilby hat walks up to the shop and breaks wind loudly before venturing in. A car alarm goes off in retaliation.

I pick up a note I was left after last week, telling me two things I got wrong. But, like all the best tickings off, it ends in praise: 'Well done with the till total.'

Not only was it a decent sum, it actually tallied with the takings.

I'll keep you posted.

Love Maddie x

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