Thursday, 22 April 2010

A hit as Mapperton reaches the top ten

I hardly have chance to draw breath this morning as I open up the Pot Shop doors at Mapperton. People are already getting out of their cars, clutching their admission fee and copies of the Mail's Live magazine.

We have been featured in Clive Aslet's list of top ten great gardens and we're at number four: 'Hidden away in its Dorset combe, Mapperton is a dream of England at its loveliest...handsome, yes, but not overwhelming...Daffodils dance on the banks, and the backdrop is of fields where cattle and sheep can safely graze. Perfection.'

My thoughts entirely. So, as the world and his wife descend on Mapperton, with 70 guests by four o'clock, I have no time for lunch and only a quick visit to the lavatory.

Lord Sandwich towers above a party of ladies as he takes the group on a tour of the house. A steady stream of visitors to the shop buy plants, Ulster Weavers aprons and pretty notebooks. People sit outside the cafe, enjoying the sun and a cream tea.

By 4.30pm, even the bantams have had enough, going to bed early and settling down to roost in the old yew tree next to the church.

It's been a busy day and I'm pooped. But I managed to get the till to balance this week. Think I'll reward myself with supper in my local pub.

That's about it.

Love Maddie x


  1. Congrats on balancing your till - am now going to google Weavers Apron......

  2. Sounds indeed like heaven..
    I'm coming to the conclusion maybe you should be paying them to spend your days there ?
    Just joshing of course.

  3. Maddie Grigg indeed. Jo sent me over and I've had a ball. Do you know the Queen? How about Charles and Camilla? Just kidding though I do love your royalty. Cheerio...

  4. Glad you've settled in, sounds like my sort of place....hope you're in residence if I pop in for tea!!

  5. What a lovely place to spend your Mondays. Someday I shall visit Mapperton in person, mainly to meet YOU!


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