Monday, 17 May 2010

The real world beckons

The wisteria is just about to explode on the coach house wall. A burst of heavenly blue against mellow, golden stone and porticoes.

I am sad today at Mapperton, There is a fine rain falling and the trees above the shop where I work deposit loud drips on the corrugated iron roof. Apart from the occasional Sunday, my sojourn here is coming to an end, after being offered a job I just could not refuse. Sadly, my talents as the Gertrude Jekyll of West Dorset have not been recognised and it's back to an office job for me, at least for the time being.

However, I shall still be writing my Manor from Heaven blog, with the help of bulletins from Her Ladyship and chats with the head gardener. And I intend stopping by with my camera every now and then to record the joys on display in these beautiful gardens.

I'll keep you posted.

Love Maddie x


  1. Your pix are wonderful and your descriptions even more so. I really miss England and the amazing countryside in so many places. Where I love its also beautiful but so so different. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oooh, flip !
    I was hoping you were offered a full-time position with "The Manor" or following your writing dream with a large publisher.
    I have so enjoyed your "fly on the wall" writings about life in a more majestic era, I think I would offer to pay THEM just to stay surrounded by it's timeless beauty.
    I'll be staying...
    Best Wishes, Maddie.

  3. Lovely manor, lovely blog. Your pics are great!

  4. Do they know what they're missing?
    Sorry to hear that you're being banished to Jobdom, or The Kingdom of Jobs. Big sympathy from a fellow citizen. I'm glad to read that you'll head back here every once in a while to write a post and show us some garden shots, though.

  5. the garden is really beautiful

  6. What a shame...but if you've gotta go you've gotta go!!!
    Are you going to enjoy the new job as much as this one?

    Take care

  7. It can't compare with Poundbury. Has it, for example, got a temple to electricity like this ?

    I thought not.

  8. Thanks for the wee glimpse of lovely England that I can view while sitting here in the Georgia Alps. I'll come back for another visit...

  9. sadness on your leaving so soon, joy on hearing that you'll still be gainfully employed. Somewhere worthy I hope - do tell!

    Claire @ green drawers

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments. The job I am going to is only temporary but it will help pay the bills and fund future travelling, I hope. And yes I'll enjoy it and the money is considerably better, but there is something very special about Mapperton, which I still hope to be able to capture on camera as I pass by on my way from work.
    A Brit in Tennessee - I'm still hoping to fulfil the writing dream, you know. I sure as heck haven't given up yet.
    Dave. Poundland? You obviously didn't see my World from my Window post a little while back. I prefer the model village on Hot Fuzz really...
    Pondside, yes jobdom and all that. But someone has to do it and yes, Claire, I think it is worthy and so far, so good.
    Must visit you soon.

  11. Wonderful pictures! I just found your blog today, and I love getting a glimpse of places I cannot see normally. Thanks for posting!

  12. Lovely pictures and I enjoy your descriptive writing style.

  13. Ohh I hope you continue the pictures and beautiful descriptions of events there and the changing seasons. I love your blog.

  14. Maddie, YOU are an excellent English treasure. Thank you for sharing!
    XO From Texas

  15. How wonderful is your blog. I just stumbled across you in a French blog. I love everything English so will stay connected. Jenny in Holland


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