Sunday, 9 May 2010

Trouble in the henhouse

A plaintive cry goes up from the courtyard, and then the sound of poultry, fighting.

A bantam hen shoots out of the manor gate and hides among the plants for sale. A pair of fat and fluffy bantam cockerels are on the prowl.

'They're desperate for mates of their own, ' says her Ladyship. 'They're both totally frustrated. We could do with someone donating them some girlfriends.'

They try chasing the phoenix jungle fowl into submission but the girls' own cockerel bodyguards are having none of it. A stand-off ensues. Even the Indian runner ducks join in and start name calling.

The white bantam boys slope off to a bench. Then they head through the gates to the churchyard.

Something's gotta give.

I'll keep you posted.

Maddie x


  1. It's the same everywhere at this time of year. We have a lonely peacock here at Pondside - dare not let him out of his coop as there's no peahen and heaven only knows where he'll go in pursuit!

  2. Ah, Life in chicken land is so unfair. Five hens to one rooster while all the other boys just wait in the wings, hoping for a lucky break. At least that's the way it is around this joint.

  3. Just love your style and sense of humour - it always raises a laugh. At the same time to manage to make Mapperton sound like a good place to visit - maybe next year - when we are back in the UK.

  4. What an interesting place you work in, Maddie!


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